Alex's Mood Board:


This mood board tries to encompass a more professional feeling but with elements that embrace a sense of community. I have tried to keep a well organized structure to the mood board due to the overlapping of information that would be present in our system. If it is too messy, the user will be confused and lost. By putting form over function, we sacrifice function thus making the task at hand more difficult to perform. I have also chosen colors that have a professional feel to them, nothing too bright and flashy to distract the user. The images i have chosen are feelings that i wish to invoke in the user. Keywords such as community, experience, social, and direction are apparent in the images. For the system itself, it will have overlapping routes marked by icons and markers that are easily distinguishable. The routes can lead to other users in the community and i have tried to portray that in this mood board with the route leading to the community of people. Mapping to us is not only about directions from point A) to point B) but rather overlapping of information within our system to create a social network for cyclists.

Here is one draft of my proposed wire frame.


Icons Set


Visual Composition Idea


Button Style Example