Alex's Presentation Notes

· Cycling in my area is not so much of a problem as it is downtown.
· No bicycles lanes
· Wide open streets
· Less crowded areas
· Either you cycle on the sidewalk or share the road with cars
· There is a feeling of being safe and not worrying about cars too much.

· There are many people who use bikes as a mode of transportation
· Services such as registering your bike with the police.
· Services such as bicycle lockers, bike racks, are made available to public
· Prevent theft
· TTC bike racks on buses

Slide 03:
· Downtown, you have high traffic areas/times
· Sometime no bicycle lanes or indication of cycling space
· Cars blocking cycling paths

· Cyclist avoiding a park car in order to continue
· Forces cyclist into traffic
· Forces cyclist into a potentially dangerous situation
· Forces drivers into a potentially dangerous situation to overtake cyclist

Slide 05:
· Buses and cars speeding to overtake cyclist
· Could potentially instil fear in cyclist
· Could potentially lead to accidents

Slide 06:
· In some designated bike lane areas, traffic was not so bad and there was less pedestrians.
· Cycling in these areas appeared to be safer.
· Bike marking clearly marked

Slide 07:
· However these lanes usually abruptly ended
· Studies have shown that most accidents occur at intersections.
· This cause confusion to both cyclist and drivers.

Slide 08:
· The road was not maintained well and not ideal for cyclists
· City won’t repair. As long as it is considered ok for cars, the street will go unattended.

Slide 09:
· Here we see another cyclist forced back into traffic.
· You can see that the line of cars goes on for awhile
· Drivers will be forced to either slow down or try to overtake the cyclist
· It is situations like these that cause accidents

Slide 10:
· Here we can see a car parked in a bicycle lane
· It is illegal to do so

Slide 11:
· Here is a cyclist forced to avoid the parked car.
· The parked car should be fined however it most likely will not
· Laws against this are loosely enforced
· There is a website (tattle tale website) informing other cyclist about offenders and repeated offenders

Slide 12:
· Many accidents occur at traffic intersections
· Navigating at intersections is more difficult
· Unpredictable behaviour (drivers speeding through red lights, inexperienced cyclists) can lead to collisions, not adhering to rules of the road.
· Most collision however occur with parked cars opening their door and hitting cyclists.

Slide 13:
· False sense of security because of bike lanes.
· Can still lead to collisions.
· False sense of safety.
· Behave unpredictably.

Slide 14
· Cycling on the sidewalk is illegal
· Many collisions occur on the sidewalk with pedestrians

Slide 15:
· I was almost hit by the cyclist.
· Should have been cycling on the road.
· Maybe he felt that the road was less ideal to travel
· Maybe if there was a bike lane he would have used it instead of the sidewalk.