City Brainstorm

Here we can post ideas on what is public space and the differing perspectives we can take in looking at the city.

Stickie Brainstorm in class

Public Places

  • Public Park * Community Centre* library* restrooms* Ashbridges Bay* boardwalk Education* York Commons* York Central Square* class* Vari Hall* Union Station* airports* bus stop* bus* subway station* subway car* Starbucks* Food Court* KFC* Eaton Centre* Yonge Street* Mall* Yonge Dundas Square* Government* Queen's Park* Police Station* Tourism* Markville Mall* City Hall* Kensington Market* Maple Leaf Gardens* Ontario Place* CNE* ROM* Wonderland* CN Tower* concert* nightclub* waterfront* movie theatre* gallery* Distillery District* Air Canada Centre* Skydome* outside ice rink* Harbourfront centre* Scarborough Bluffs* Rouge valley* Gelb's backyard* park garden* beach* tributary* lake* campus walk* free theatre* tennis court* pool* harbour* elevator* intersection* fire escape* parking lot* town square* monuments* school yard* museum* gas station* laundry mat* gym* coffee shop* cyber cafe* amusement park* grocery store* arcade* rooftop


  • display of affection (kissing, holding hands) * singing* eating street meat* waving to friend* dancing* meeting a friend* learning* reading* sleeping* sitting on a bench* relaxing* driving* cooking* walking* playing* jogging* exercise* take photos* access internet* talking on cellphones* skate board* walk dogs* swim* dance freestyle* sketching* shop* navigate* wayfinding* advertise* sharing food* socialize* ponder about life* reflection* public and private activities* writing* laughing* yelling talking arguing* drug taking, drinking* protests* petition signing* debates* begging* smoke* vandalize* read newspaper* wait for people* entertain* play music* perform* being mugged* self defense* littering* being pickpocketed* being assaulted* fighting* swimming* playing baseball* watching birds* going on swings* waiting for ride* looking for a place* asking directions* biking* playing chess* playing volleyball* rollerblading* walking a dog* riding a bus* throw out garbage* selling things* flirting* watching people* drinking coffee* gardening* having a conversation*

Tools and Technologies

  • toll booths* hotdog stands* vending machines* shopping carts* public vs. private* ttc* street lights* escalators* benches* bike racks* cars, trucks* bikes* parking meters* bus shelters* traffic lights* cell phones* ipods* library cards* newspaper boxes* security cameras* neon lights* signage* automatic doors* crossing signs* traffic lights* cross walk button/sound* bus stops* road signs* basketball nets* info kiosks* fences* wifi* ashtrays* toilets* water fountains* garbage cans* payphones* billboards* car keys* security cards* pencils* house keys

Possible themes discussed in class:

  • Urban/ Suburban Neigbourhood
  • Greenspace in the city
  • High crime rate area
  • Public Signage
  • CampusYour Neighbourhood

Questioning our city based on comparison with other Cities.

I found this article on Mumbai, India and it talks about the 'mumbian charm' unique to its transit system.View second paragraph of this article.

Method: Stickies Brainstorm**
Latter Article helped me get started on some aspects I was interested in questioning.