Technical Exercise - Interactive Sketchbook

As part of this course, we will be building upon your technical skills that you have developed in both Interactivity 1 and 2. For the most part, will we will focus on using Flash as a development tool although other softwares, hardware and related technologies will be discussed as determined by the class direction. For a number of weeks we will review and learn some new Actionscript to assist in later stages of the building the interactive storyboard for presenting the final design concept.

For the technical part of the course, each student will be required to design and build an small dynamic Flash object that incorporates XML data. One option for content is using Public Space project, students will create an interactive sketchbook. These could be sketches, photos, diagrams or other graphic material presented in a self-styled manner. Another option could be a portfolio of design work. It's up to you!

For this assignment you will be given a completion grade of 5%.

Get source file and as we are going over this in class so you understand the code. You will adjust this code to generate to make your own sketchbook as well as designing the visual elements to represnt your work.

Due date is Thursday Dec 6. (after classes end) to be uploaded to David's dropbox in the digital locker.

See Understanding XML Coding for some technical help