Schedule - Section B

Understanding Phase

Week 01 - Sept 07

in class
  • Course introduction
  • Discussion of wiki and related tools
  • Overview of projects
  • Brainstorm Public Spaces project - stickies, notes, etc
  • Flash Review
at home
  • investigate and research public spaces - report on wiki
  • locate an area of interest, critical position, research statement - report on wiki
  • create concept map based on research area
  • gather content and post content images, video, documents, etc.

Week 02 - Sept 14

no class
  • collecting, analysing and framing material to support research
  • create 1st draft concept map
  • continue to work from home and post your findings to the wiki
  • 1st glossary post due

Week 03 - Sept 21

in class
  • discuss photo pool on Filckr (geotag, meta data)
  • present concept maps (3 min per person)
  • discuss 20/20 format for presentation of visual essay
  • Flash review; time control, load Movie, sound object
at home
  • refine topic focus as an "expert area"- include annotated references
  • continue to document and gather artefacts from public spaces of interest
  • refine concept map as information graphic

Week 04 - Sept 28

in class
  • present refined concept maps
  • refine topic as an "expert area"
  • continue with Flash review
at home
  • finalize visual essay for next week presentation
  • finalize concept map for next weeks submission
  • finalize research material - articulation, organization, citation - post on wiki

Week 05 - Oct 5

in class
  • class presentation of visual essay
  • Understanding phase due for grading - includes concept map, visual essay (both in pdf) and written material - make available in topic page
  • create teams and define focus; brainstorm idea of communities with group; develop a project statement
  • PACT analysis; requirements
at home
  • design research methods and develop documents (plan, consent form)
  • conduct PACT analysis
  • continue data collection as needed

Structuring Phase

Week 06 - Oct 12

in class
  • present and discuss research approach and plan
  • present PACT analysis
  • more on Actionscript
at home
  • conduct user study; analyse and evaluate results;
  • finalize PACT analysis
  • prepare and organize requirements

Week 07 - Oct 19

in class
  • flow charting activities; conceptual design; system map
  • discuss benchmarks / best practices
  • discuss and review requirements
  • more on ActionScript

at home

Week 07 - Oct 26

in class
  • information mapping
  • personas, scenarios in design
  • review and work on Structuring Phase deliverables
at home
  • finish deliverables for Structuring Phase
  • each team member develops 1 scenario based on persona (user profile)

Representing Phase

Week 08 - Nov 2

in class
  • deliverables include user test documentation, requirements, scenarios, flow charts, system map
  • presentation of Representation phase including mood boards, branding, visual comps and interactive storyboards
at home
  • construct a series of mood boards[[Mood Boards|]] (1 per person)
  • brand design for project
  • script scenarios and personas for interactive storyboard

Week 09 - Nov 9

in class
  • presentation of mood boards leading to visual style and brand
  • work on visual mock ups leading to visual comps
  • interactive storyboard review

at home
  • work on visual comps, refine brand as needed
  • scenarios into interactive storyboard

Week 10 - Nov 16

in class
  • presentation of visual comps
  • production and studio consultation

at home
  • refinement of interactive storyboards

Week 11 - Nov 23

in class
  • production and studio consultation

at home
  • finalization of all Representing phase deliverables

Week 12 - Nov 30

in class
  • presentation of final projects

at home