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Nov 27

-added flash tutorial to resources: resizing the stage with javascript

Nov 17

-added html tutorial links to resources:

Nov 7

-added mood board examples link to resources
-added 'Interactive Storyboard Visual Inspirations' to resources

Oct 24

-posted in resources the flash resources entry.

Oct 22

-posted benchmark on

Oct 20

-posted benchmark on

Oct 12

- posted "UX Trading Cards" on resources page

Oct 6

-uploaded slides on research page

Oct 5

-uploaded final cmap on research page

Oct 3

-Updated Bibliography
-Posted Project for Public Spaces in resources

Oct 2

-Edited research page. Added/refined research statement, background, opportunities, links, and biography.
-organized and and added table of contents to research page.
-Resource posts:
Internet Encourages New Social Interaction, Research Shows
Intellectual Property: The Attack on Public Space in Cyberspace
-Completed final concept map.

Sept 25

-Edited definition for ethnography and added images
-Completed second draft of concept map

Sept 23

-Posted Observations & Findings
-Added descriptions and titles to photos

Sept 19

-Posted links to project page
-Completed first draft of concept map.

Sept 16

-Posted area of interest, critical position, and research statement here
-Photos Uploaded

Sept 9

-Posted definitions for Learnability, Gestalt Principles, and Memorability