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Updated September 24th, 2007

Public Space Project Topic and Research

Graffiti: Public Vandalism or Public Expression?

The photographs displayed on flickr are some examples of graffiti found right outside our door. My interest in graffiti is primarily focused on how it is defined. To some it is a skilled art form, to others it is a crime. I would like to focus on the public development of graffiti and how it has been repressed since its birth. Graffiti, has been for many, a way to be heard, or a way to get noticed. It behaves much like a journal, an urban documentation that displays the social and cultural dynamics of the city. Graffiti can be seen as a unique language that pertains to those misunderstood or unheard. With this project i hope to gain a greater understanding of our city and the fluidity of character on the streets. Perhaps are negative attitudes towards graffiti comes from our lack of comprehension of how it came to be.

Pictures: graffiti in the city

Things to do:
Graffiti Archeology:
Articles: York E-Resources, Toronto Star
Magazines: Spacing

September 24th 2007

Graffiti: illegal Communication

I took more pictures around the city and found an area i would like to focus on in regards to graffiti.
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October 24th 2007

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